The Pony Paint Job

Getting Primer

Getting Primer

At long last, the Pony is finally getting its paint job!

The decades of scratches, dings, dents and wear are being smoothed out and made to look like new again. After much deliberation and consultation, I chose to go with the same original Ivy Green color. The man painting it, Ricardo Mendez, in Springs, NY, found several other things that should be, and probably will be, replaced or repaired while he has his hands on it – including the rusty bumpers.

Ricardo Mendez and the Yellow Primed Car

Ricardo Mendez and the Primed Pony

As of now, the body has been sanded,¬†panels¬†have been smoothed out, several coats of primer (first yellow, then grey) have been sprayed, and this weekend, if all goes well, he’ll be able to start applying the deep green. I’ve made a photo album of the paint job in progress that I will update as we go along. Click Here to see it.

Timing is getting tight. The project is due to be completed by the beginning of January, when we come back to school after holiday break. That’s only a month left! Hopefully, if the Pony comes back next week, I can spend the better part of the break working on the final interior pieces.

The good news is, I took advantage of Black Friday sales. I managed to order nearly all of the parts I’ll need for the interior refurbishment – things like the carpet, steering wheel, seat belts, quarter panels, door/window handles, door panel clips, upholstery hog rings, and a rear shelf with speaker holes. The pile of boxes in my room is growing daily. I held off on buying any seat-related parts, because I need to inspect them more closely to see what actually needs to be replaced. I’m excited for the Pony to come home, and to start the last phase of this journey.


The Loot

The Loot

Black Friday Deliveries

Black Friday Deliveries


  1. Troy Roberts says

    Your work has been incredibly impressive. I know you’ll reach your goal. Send my love to your Mom, Dad and Hope (if she remembers this old man) and have a great holiday.
    Troy Roberts

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