Mustang Facts

Here are some fun facts about the original Ford Mustangs from 1964 to 1966

  • The first Mustang was introduced to the public on April 17th, 1964 at the New York World’s Fair.
  • The car was brought out five months before the 1965 model year, and many refer to it as being a “1964½” model, although Ford titled them as 1965.
  • The Mustang came in three body types: Coupe, Convertible, and Fastback, made available for the true 1965 model year.
  • 1966 saw the highest number of Mustangs sold yet, as well as the creation of the millionth model.
  • The 1966 model came with four engine configurations: the 200 cubic inch I-6 making 120 horsepower, and three configurations of the 289 cubic inch V-8 making 200hp, 225hp, and 271hp.

1966 Ford Mustang-02-03

1966 Ford Mustang Production Stats

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Standard Convertible: 56,409 units
Luxury Convertible: 12,520 units
Convertible w/Bench Seats: 3,190 units
Standard Coupe: 422,416 units
Luxury Coupe: 55,938 units
Coupe w/Bench Seats: 21,397 units
Standard Fastback: 27,809 units
Luxury Fastback: 7,889 units

Total Production: 607,568 units

Retail Prices:
$2,652 Standard Convertible
$2,416 Standard Coupe
$2,607 Standard Fastback



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