The Mustang is Getting a Mani-Pedi…

…or new shoes, or is at the blacksmith’s.

New Brakes

New Brakes

Translation: it’s in the shop getting new brakes, as well as getting work done on the power steering and replacing the U-joint. Unfortunately it has taken a few more days that expected, as they discovered a bent hub and a part they ordered turned out to be wrong. Hopefully now my leg won’t get as much of a workout every time I try to stop the car.

When it comes home, I’m going to install the door speakers and finish mounting the radio inside the dash. After that, it’s off to the paint shop.

I wish I could be getting my hands a little more dirty in the mechanics of it all, but due to the time constraints of the project, there are just some things that I don’t have time to do, i.e. the mechanics and paint job. Thankfully I’ve been able to get in and photograph this process, so I’m still learning a lot.

Inside the new brake

Inside the new brake


But, when all that is done, I will strip the interior and replace everything from the carpet to the steering wheel…myself.



  1. you are a wonder, sam! reading your description about installing the radio made my jaw drop. electrics in cars are the worst! and, believe me, when you get to the interior, you will get your hands dirty! watch out for things under that old carpet!


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