Mustang Final Glamour Shots

The Finished Product

At long last, the project is done.Below is the Before/After video for the project. I dedicate this, with heartfelt thanks, to all who contributed, helped out, or were otherwise involved.Special thanks to Julian Alvarez and Will Greenberg for … [Continue reading]

Exhibition Ready

The interior work is finally done!It took a little longer than expected - partially due to underestimating the time it takes to do something like this, partially due to miscellaneous product backorders and delays - but, at long last, I can say … [Continue reading]

Mustang Interior Work

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This past week has been the most productive of the whole project to date. It feels like something just clicked, and the work is now progressing at an accelerated pace. Maybe it's the four or five hours of work we've been able to put in every day … [Continue reading]

A Green Christmas

The paint job is finally done, and boy, is it pretty!Ricardo did an amazing job. It's incredible how much a fresh coat of paint has done for the look of the car. No longer are there scratches, chips and dents in the paint and body. Gone … [Continue reading]

New Paint Job Photos

I visited Ricardo today to check in on the progress of the paint job, and it's nearing its completion. I added a few more photos to the album. You can find them at the end of the existing album Here. The green is about to be put on and the car should … [Continue reading]

The Pony Paint Job

At long last, the Pony is finally getting its paint job!The decades of scratches, dings, dents and wear are being smoothed out and made to look like new again. After much deliberation and consultation, I chose to go with the same original Ivy … [Continue reading]

Mustang Paint Job

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A Few Updates, Issues, Developments

Some major progress has been made in the past couple of weeks with the project. I'll touch on everything individually below, but the major points are as follows: The mechanical work that was being done by Carl Zeh's Auto Repair has been … [Continue reading]


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