A Second Opinion


The Showroom

A few weeks ago, my Dad, Mom and I all took the Mustang to get another “inspection,” this time by Dean Silvera, owner of Aventura Motors in Southampton. Aventura specializes in restoring classics, from British Austin Heelys to German Porsches to American Mustangs. Before even taking a look at the car, Dean took us on a tour of the showroom and the shop in the back. The restored cars on display were just beautiful. There were E-Type Jags, Mercedes SLs and even a Ferrari worth over one million dollars. I would’ve happily pitched a tent and lived there.

Under the Engine

Under the Engine

Then, Dean took us into the back and introduced us to Tony, his Irish master mechanic. Tony brought the Mustang in and put it up on the lift. I wasn’t expecting that. After all, we were surrounded by cars worth more than ten times the value of mine. Tony took a close look at the underside of the car and glanced sideways at me. “Where’d you get this car?” he asked. I told him it was originally a California car, and he nodded. “I could tell it wasn’t local,” he said. “Not enough rust.”
It was very gratifying to have the purchase affirmed by yet another experienced eye. Dean offered his help when it came time to order parts, and persuaded me to go all original with the replacements, like the interior wood paneling and hopefully the original color, if the paintjob happens. I’m so lucky to have such a great support system in this project.


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